Redefining Hotel Sales

In the past, a physical onsite sales presence was a must for hotel success. In today’s digital age, that’s no longer the case. Now, your salesperson can be hundreds of miles away and still work as closely with your team as if they were in your back office. How is this possible?

Our proven successful remote sales service has been redefining hotel sales since 2007. Here’s how we do it at Jacaruso.

Tech-Savvy Solutions

Our remote sales professionals are equipped with the latest tools and technology. These resources help us to stay engaged with our hotel partners and keep them well-informed about our team’s ongoing activities. Whether our partners are in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, or Latin America, we’re just a call, text, email, or video chat away, ready to provide prompt support and strategic guidance.

Global  Expertise, Local Insights 

Our team is based in 33 states across 5 time zones. We’ve supported thousands of diverse properties ranging from suburban, urban, airport, and metropolitan to boutique hotels. There’s nothing we haven’t seen. Working remotely for our partners doesn’t diminish our ability to stay hyper-aware and tuned in to each local market. We bring our partners not only a broad perspective and expert insights but also a keen understanding of each market we serve.

Seamless Integration 

We work with you to become a trusted part of your team for the long term. Built into our sales service are constantly open lines of communication to ensure that we remain fully aligned with your hotel’s goals. We provide consistent reporting and updates as well as virtual meetings and training sessions to stay in sync with your onsite team.

Focused Efficiency

We’ve discovered and continue to demonstrate how remote sales service improves success and increases revenue. Why? Our sales professionals don’t get pulled into operations or other onsite distractions, so we can consistently provide quicker responses and a greater focus on the sales activities that make the most difference to your bottom line.

The future of hotel sales is remote sales service. Are you curious about it? If you would like to explore how we can assist your specific hotel, please drop a comment, or send me a message. I’d love to connect! You can also learn more about our services at

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