What is Remote Hotel Sales Service

Remote hotel sales service is like having your very own team of superheroes that work remotely to help hotels boost their sales and revenue. At Jacaruso, our sales team consists of Regional Directors of Sales and Sales Coordinators that are experts at generating leads, prospecting, creating sales collateral, managing contracts, and building relationships with clients. They’re also pros at handling reservations and keeping tabs on the competition through market research and analysis.

The best part? Remote hotel sales service teams provide all these services from a centralized location, meaning hotels don’t have to worry about recruiting or managing a team in-house. Instead, they can focus on delivering a fantastic guest experience while their remote sales team takes care of the rest. And with regular reporting and analytics, hotels can track their performance and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the game. It’s like having a secret weapon in the competitive hospitality market!

Here are some of the other key aspects of remote hotel sales service:

Lead Generation
Remote sales support teams actively search for potential customers and generate leads for the hotel. They utilize various tools and platforms, such as online directories, social media, and databases, to identify potential clients and gather relevant contact information.

Prospecting and Outreach
Once leads are identified, the remote support team reaches out to them through different communication channels, such as email, phone calls, or online messaging. They engage in personalized communication to introduce the hotel’s offerings, showcase its unique features, and highlight the benefits of choosing the hotel for potential guests.

Sales Collateral Development
Remote sales support professionals may be responsible for creating sales collateral, including brochures, presentations, and other marketing materials. These resources effectively showcase the hotel’s amenities, services, and special promotions to attract and convert leads into bookings.

Proposal and Contract Management
The remote sales support team assists in preparing proposals and managing contracts. They work closely with potential clients, addressing any inquiries, negotiating terms, and ensuring the seamless execution of agreements.

Reservation Support
Remote sales support professionals may also handle reservations and bookings on behalf of the hotel. They manage inquiries, respond to customer requests, and assist with reservation modifications, cancellations, and special arrangements. This is all done while maintaining a high level of personalized communication with the guest.

Relationship Management
Building and maintaining strong relationships with travel agents, corporate clients, and event planners is crucial for hotels. Remote sales professionals actively manage and nurture these relationships, fostering partnerships and encouraging repeat business.

Market Research and Analysis
Remote sales support services often involve monitoring industry trends, competitor analysis, and gathering market intelligence. This information helps hotels make informed decisions and develop effective sales strategies to stay ahead in the competitive hospitality market.

Reporting and Analytics
Remote sales support professionals provide regular reports and analytics to the hotel management, detailing key performance indicators, conversion rates, lead sources, and other relevant data. This allows the hotel to evaluate the effectiveness of sales efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Remote hotel sales services can help hotels to reach a wider audience, generate more leads, and increase revenue, all while operating remotely. By leveraging the expertise and dedicated efforts of professionals who specialize in sales and marketing, hotels can maximize their revenue potential and stay ahead in the competitive hospitality market.

Toni Jacaruso, CEO of Jacaruso Enterprises
April 26, 2023

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