CEO World Awards Grand Trophy Recipient

Video Transcription

Speaker 1:

It’s because of our amazing brand partners like you, as well as the hotel’s we support, that the CEO World Awards has presented Jacaruso Enterprises with multiple awards this year. Thank you for being our partner, come and celebrate with us and check out the official announcement.

Speaker 2:

Congratulations JE.

Speaker 3:

We won.

Speaker 4:

What did we win?

Speaker 5:

The CEO World Awards recognizes the leaders and their teams behind the most outstanding achievements through the year.

Speaker 6:

That’s awesome.

Speaker 7:

We received awards in these categories:

Speaker 3:

Team of the Year!

Speaker 5:

Best service to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19.

Speaker 2:

Company of the Year in Hospitality, Travel Recreation and Leisure.

Speaker 6:

Company of the Year for Creative Business Model During COVID-19.

Speaker 9:

And of course Executive Hero of the Year, Ms. Toni Jacaruso.

Toni Jacaruso:

Celebrate with us. I’m humbled Jacaruso has been recognized with such a prestigious award. Thank you JE for continuing to raise the bar. I’m privileged to work with all of you every day. Thank you and congratulations.

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