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Speaker 1: Ever wondered why other hotels in the market seem to get more business than you? Lots of general managers, owners, and operators ask the same question. Is it your product? No. Is it your location? No. Is it your service? No. Then what is it? Here’s the secret. The other hotels have someone looking for and booking new business, and you don’t. Most economy and mid-scale hotels have everything they need to achieve higher occupancy and drive revenue, except this one component, someone dedicated to selling. Some hotels can’t find the right person for the job. Some don’t see the need for it. Some don’t think they have the budget for it.

Speaker 1: When you hire Jacaruso to handle sales for your hotel, you no longer have to absorb the cost of hiring, training, benefits, bonuses, or turnover. We come to the table fully trained on all aspects of the sales process. We are ready on day one to hit the ground running. And, our turnkey sales solution is a fraction of the cost of hiring someone locally. Jacaruso Enterprises has pioneered remote sales support for hotels that want to grow their business. So, let us manage the sales process for you. From booking groups into your hotel to qualifying and contracting corporate accounts for the property, we’re ready to start today. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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