Jacaruso Enterprises Response to COVID-19


Toni Jacaruso:

Hello everyone. I’m Toni Jacaruso. As you know, we are faced with an unprecedented situation in our country and in our industry. As a small business owner, I understand the fears and uncertainty, all of us face in these trying times. I want to assure you that we at Jacaruso are not minimizing the challenges that we face, in our nation or in our industry. But, neither are we ignoring them or being overwhelmed by them. The experts have predicted an extended period of disruption and downturn as the virus spreads and is ultimately brought under control. As a result, governments worldwide are creating long-term plans to deal with the crisis. Here at Jacaruso, we are also putting into place a comprehensive plan. A plan that will allow us, and our customers, to not only survive the new temporary normal, but to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of our industry. And, to ultimately prosper in the short and long run.

Toni Jacaruso:

For example, we look at the enacting of the Defense Production Act. The mobilization of the military and the Army Corps of engineers. And, the mass movement of healthcare professionals from hotspot to hotspot. These are opportunities to assist our country, in providing quality lodging for the many people who will be involved. Here at Jacaruso, we have the best salespeople on the planet. They have amazing connections in the government, military, healthcare fields, and many other segments that will need our assistance in the months to come. We have already begun the process of reaching out to hundreds of our valuable contacts in these institutions, industries, and organizations. And, we are gathering information that will be of immense value during this time. In the coming days we will be providing you with more information regarding our plan. And, to reassure you that together, we will head into the future days with energy and with confidence. We wish you and yours, safe and healthy days. And, send you our very best. Thank you.

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