We Are All In This Together


Toni Jacaruso: As I’ve said before, we are living through an unprecedented time. The word unprecedented literally means we don’t know what’s going to happen next. We all have our own speculations, worries and hopes. Some predict that business travel will change because people are learning how to do business virtually. At Jacaruso Enterprises, we’ve always been a remote team and we’ve done much of our day-to-day work virtually. But in my experience, big deals don’t get done over the phone. Real relationships aren’t built on video. People still want to connect face-to-face. Email did not put the post office out of business. Video conferencing didn’t replace travel, and neither will Zoom.

Toni Jacaruso: People want to go back to their offices because they like and miss their routine. People also want to gather together and share impromptu sidebar conversations. And yes, even shake hands! While we all slog through this necessary time of physical distancing, we at Jacaruso can’t wait until we get back to doing some of our most important business, face-to-face. We’re all in this together, and hope is contagious. We hope you catch it from us. May you and your loved ones be healthy and safe.

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