Working Remotely During COVID-19


Toni Jacaruso: Hi, I’m Toni Jacaruso. Isn’t it interesting that during a time that demands collective action, we must separate in order to accomplish our goals? Our company was founded on that principle. For 10 years, Jacaruso Enterprises has been the industry leader in bringing people together from all over the globe, and we’ve successfully accomplished our mission without ever leaving our home offices. We’ve been that friendly voice on the phone, that timely reassuring email, that text that makes you smile and gives you a sigh of relief. We’ve solved seemingly insurmountable problems without ever once crossing your doorstep, and we’re still here. As others are preparing for the challenges ahead while simultaneously learning how to work from home, we have been dealing with that challenge since our company was founded. We know the problems you face. We know how to bring people together in a world of separation, because we’ve been doing it successfully for over a decade. We’re here to help you connect. In the days ahead, we wish you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity. Thank you.

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