A Day in the Life of a JE RDOS

Hear from our Regional Directors of Sales, Brien


Most people in hospitality know there’s no such thing as a typical day in our business. I work for Jacaruso Enterprises as a remote Regional Director of Sales, and my priority is to generate revenue for my hotels. Most of my days consist of being a husband and father while juggling the sales efforts for a 10-hotel portfolio. I prospect for new business, respond to incoming leads and RFPs, log my activities in our Salesforce CRM, generate and send contracts, and put out any fires that come up along the way – all from the comfort of my own home office. My responsibilities don’t change day to day, but no two days are the same, and I love it.

I’ve gotten so many questions from former colleagues and others that have heard about JE in the industry. Ever wonder what a day in the life of an RDOS looks like at JE? It’s different for everyone (and that’s the best part!) but I’ll tell you what it looks like for me.

I wake up, shower, get dressed and ease into the day.

6:30 AM
Quality dad and husband time. I make breakfast, sit with my daughter, and help her study for an upcoming test.  My wife and I switch breakfast and study duties based on the subject.

 7:15 AM
I get in the car to take my daughter to school. I never used to be able to do this because I was away at an office on-property. I can now enjoy our time together while getting her off to school and sitting in the drop-off line.  This is great one on one time for us and something we both cherish to start our week day.

8:00 AM
My workday begins. I have hotels in three different time zones. I check emails, respond to voicemails, and prep for my three hotel calls that day.

9:02 AM
Respond to a question sent to me in Teams by a co-worker.

 9:15 AM
I start prospecting for my hotels, looking at demand generators in the market such as sports tournaments, wedding venues, global accounts, and more.

11:00 AM
My first call with one of my hotel’s teams.

11:30 AM
I log a recap of my call and prep for hotel call number two.

12:00 PM
Lunch and walking break.

12:07 PM
I get a call from my daughter’s school letting me know she forgot her gym shorts and requesting that I bring them to the school before 5th period.

12:27 PM
I grab the gym shorts and notice that my daughter has forgotten her lunch, too. I get in the car to drop off the gym shorts and the forgotten lunch at my daughter’s school.

12:42 PM
I arrive in time for lunch and gym and save the day for my daughter.

1:03 PM
I return to the office and finish preparing for hotel call number two.

1:17 PM
I get a new group inquiry and provide the customer a quote. I am then able to log the call into our Salesforce CRM as well as generate and send the contract in mere minutes.

1:20 PM
Back to prospecting for more business.

1:50 PM
Quick email break.

1:57 PM
Send a group message with a word of encouragement to 3 of my co-workers.

2:00 PM
Hotel call number two with one of my hotel’s teams.

2:41 PM
Log hotel call recap and prep for next week’s call.

3:00 PM
There are 3 outstanding RFPs in my inbox, so I spend time responding to outstanding leads.

3:30 PM
School pickup line time. I take another customer inquiry in the car as I pick up daughter—this time it’s for a local negotiated account.

3:44 PM
I arrive back home with my daughter, feed her a snack, and head back to my office to work while she does her homework.

4:00 PM
2 of 3 RFPs completed. I finish the last one and begin to prep for my day tomorrow.

4:30 PM
I drop off my daughter at a piano lesson while on the phone with a new front desk agent teaching him how to input a rooming list for the group I just booked.

5:17 PM
Back home. I wrap up the day, close my laptop and start making dinner.

6:00 PM
Dinner with family.

7:00 PM
Catch up on some reading, review my daughter’s homework, and spend time with my wife.

9:30 PM
Bedtime. End the day grateful and ready to do it all again in the morning.

 I love the flexibility of working for JE. Being able to generate revenue for my hotels while saving the day for my daughter is priceless. The extra time at home, and with my wife, is invaluable too. If you’re interested in your day looking more like this, ask me about our Regional Director of Sales position. I’d love to tell you all about it. Or you can head here to learn more: https://bit.ly/3BmGYME

Brien Schmauch is a Regional Director of Sales for Jacaruso Enterprises. In his role, Brien oversees the sales efforts for a portfolio of hotels. Brien has worked for JE since 2022.

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